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Our commitment is to supply commercial quality ISA Brown laying hens with some of the most superior genetics in Australia. Our hens lay at a higher than average rate than most laying hens supplying you with approximately 300 eggs per year.

We pride ourselves on giving our chooks the best start in life. They are free ranged on pasture and are provided a high-protein diet including wholegrains, resulting in healthy and robust ISA Browns. They are vaccinated and wormed before being sold at Point of Lay from 16 weeks of age. No order is too small or too large.

We also operate QStockfeeds and have a strong relationship and collaboration with grain growers in Central Queensland where we source grain for our customised stockfeed mixes.

We pride ourselves on giving our chooks the best start in life.

Our chooks are:

Vaccinated + Sexed

Aged from a few days old to point of lay

Robust + Healthy

Raised on our farm near Mackay

We Deliver!

We deliver quality ISA Brown point of lay chooks across the region.  Please see our next delivery dates below or follow our Facebook page for further details on delivery dates and other locations.



Mackay to TOWNSVILLE ~ SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2024~  Proserpine, Bowen, Homehill, Ayr & Townsville

BLACKALL ~ mid April (to confirm date) > Alpha, Jericho, Barcaldine, Blackall, Tambo

RICHMOND ~ Saturday 13 July 2024> Belyando, Charters Towers, Bafles Creek, Pentland, Praire, Hughenden & Richmond


Local to Mackay? We have plenty available on our farm near Homebush and welcome to pick up – $28ea. Please call Caroline on 0429472157 to arrange pick up. 






About Us

Our first chooks were backyard chooks when we were living in town. We loved the fresh eggs they provided and enjoyed the neighborhood response of providing scraps for our girls. The reward was healthy and fresh food at our back door.

When we moved to our farm in 2012 we continued to enjoy our chooks and home-produced eggs, and we wanted others with backyards to have the same experience. We wanted others to reap the satisfaction of having produced their own food, even in small quantities. This lead to the formation of our business, Just Got Laid Poultry Supplies. This business provides quality chooks for the backyarder through to farmers and commercial egg producers. We have been supplying quality chooks to properties in Central and Western Queensland since 2017. 

Just Got Laid Poultry Supplies complements our QStockfeeds business, which provides quality stockfeed developed with our Queensland climate in mind. We use a leading Australian animal nutritionist from Applied Nutrition to produce a top-quality stockfeed that ensures excellent animal health and performance. We collaborate with Central Queensland farmers to source local grain for our feed mixes. These grains are produced by growers who are world leaders in minimal tillage farming and environmental sustainability.


Our Products

Quality Point of Lay ISA Brown Chooks

ISA Browns are the most well-known choice for backyard chicken coop keepers and farmers alike. We love the ISA Brown for her gentle nature, her resilience and her egg-straordinary egg laying talents that leave all other hens in the dust-bath! They have been known to provide up to 300 delicious eggs per year for your family.

We sell Point of Lay chooks from 16 weeks of age and recommend a diet high in protein (greater than 16 percent)

Quality Day-old Chicks

Baby chicks, or day olds, are perfect for those who like to watch their chickens grow. Make sure you have your brooder set up with a heat lamp, water and food, such as Chick Starter, which can be purchased at Q Stockfeeds.

Chick Starter

$35 for 20kg

Quality chick starter for chicks aged one day to three weeks old.

Pullet Grower

$32 for 20kg

Suitable for chooks aged eight to 16 weeks, the Pullet Grower uses quality grain sourced from Queensland’s Central Highlands, mixed with protein, calcium and minerals to set the bird up for a healthy and excellent egg-laying life.

Complete Layer

$30 for 20kg

Is perfect for chooks aged 16 weeks onwards. The Complete Layer includes quality grain sourced from Queensland’s Central Highlands, mixed with proteins and minerals to enable chooks to perform at their best.

We offer 20kg bags, or with prior arrangement
we can supply bulk bags of one tonne.


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Happy Customers

We purchased eight ISA Brown Point of Lay hens from Just Got Laid Poultry Supplied about 18 months ago in order for our two children to enjoy the process of taking care of animals and reaping the rewards of fresh produce. Our eight girls have lovely natures, consistently lay an egg each day, and are beautiful to look at with their glossy dark-brown colour and solid stature. We enjoy making the most of our household food scraps, eating delicious eggs for breakfast most mornings, and sharing our extra produce with family and friends. Greg and Caroline at Just Got Laid Poultry Supplies take great care of their hens and produce top-quality chooks.

– Lauren Ballard, Sarina –

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